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I have had this series of thoughts since soon after starting to role-play. What became more important to me than just the gold, magic, weapons, monsters, combat or races were the ideas of how they all fit together in a living, breathing world. These complexities soon outweighed the fun of rolling characters up and strategizing how to use a class' powers in combat. Even the role-playing would become dull and stinted if it was not supported by a story and supporting cast realistic enough to have it all make sense, even in a fantasy world, then my attention drifted.

Playing Dungeons and Dragons became about the interactions of all levels that made up the game.  I will own it that I became a selfish player; if others were not into painting the complete picture of my fantasy role-playing time, it became a sort of "going though the motions" and I would take elements out of the time around the table that I enjoyed, but certainly feel that my contributions were limited. 

This is an attempt to change the game. 

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